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BAXTER, thanks to the entrepreneurs Luigi and Paolo Bestetti, who in 1990 with their innovative ideas and the skill of all the staff who work in the company, became known all over the world also for the style of the Baxter beds, sparkling and colorful, contemporary and sensual.

Creativity and freedom, harmony of combinations, fashion and art, also thanks to the various collaborations that Baxter has decided to carry out with the various Italian and foreign designs that collaborate with them in the creation of the line of Baxter pecchi lamps, therefore design objects for real connoisseurs.

Incredible and high quality raw materials such as leather and hide come to life and become modern and unique furnishing accessories.

A mix and match of patterns and textures, an elegant style that clashes with the fresh and youthful style of the latest trends in design and furniture, give life to the linea of Baxter armchairs, serious but stylish at the same time.

The company has thought of everything, to every type of environment and to every need of its customers, and in fact it has studied leathers also suitable for use in outdoor environments, such as gardens or verandas and has created a Baxter outdoor line; chairs, armchairs, sofas and coffee tables suitable for furnishing rooms outdoors with the right style that distinguishes it, but which are practical and long-lasting.

Let yourself to be fascinated by the unmistakable and captivating style of the Baxter collection.

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