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Payment methods - Secure payments

When it comes to buying something on the web, often you are hesitant or insecure, in this section we want to provide all the necessary clarifications to proceed in peace of mind to purchase at our store. Currently we offer our customers different payment methods including Paypal, Bank Transfer, Instant Transfer, Virtual POS and Masterpass. We will explain in detail all the methods used to make you feel protected during your purchase.

Paypal :

Used for the most part on famous marketplaces or for private money exchanges, which can protect both the buyer and the seller. The main protection derives from the fact that the company hides the card used for payment upon payment of a small percentage (variable), thus ensuring the anonymity of the card, showing only email address and shipping address. On our portal I could find the Paypal Express Checkout form that will allow you to skip the traditional checkout steps to directly pay the amount and process the order in an easy and fast way.

Wire transfer :

By selecting this mode during the checkout phase, you will receive by e-mail the details useful to make the payment in order to proceed with the processing of the order.

Virtual POS :

The use of the POS is the best choice to execute the order properly. Fast, practical and safe. Payment is guaranteed by the form installed at our store provided by Mercury Payment Services S.p.A, ex Setefi. Simply select "Pay by Credit Card" to access the encrypted area via your web browser and manage the payment using the desired card, to be chosen among the various services offered (Mastercard, Visa, American Express etc.). If provided by your credit institution, payment will be confirmed through the 3D Secure Code service, usually used by international circuits such as Mastercard and Visa.

Service My Bank :

The My Bank service is an instant bank transfer. If your credit institution provides it, you can send a bank transfer that will be counted in a few hours, all to speed up your shopping experience and be able to quickly process the order.

Service Masterpass :

Masterpass is the online shopping solution offered by Mastercard in collaboration with your Bank, which allows you to make purchases simply, quickly and securely. Just create a free account directly on the channels of your bank and customize it only once, in total security and with card data and shipping addresses. From that moment it will be possible to buy online in just a few clicks.

During the whole purchase and checkout phase, we remind you of our active assistance service, do not hesitate to ask us about any problems encountered, we will be happy to help you!