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Zanotta is the Italian furniture brand founded in 1954 by Aurelio Zanotta.

Zanotta's inimitable recipe is a mix of love for beauty, culture and the eccentric with research, creativity and energy.

Zanotta stands out in the world for being the company that makes you feel at your best in your home. 

The company philosophy responds to the motto "produce culture and profit at the same time" stating that "the furniture industry must strive to anticipate future needs, not just satisfying the passive demand of the public".

The fulcrum of Zanotta's work is "forever". It has never been thought of creating something useful only for the present.

The use of the product must be lasting over time and must be able to speak with the language of the future. The effectiveness of the product comes with the creation of it. The fundamental importance is the first choice of materials used.

The production processes are always made up of advanced technologies combined with handcrafted workmanship to allow the details of the materials, such as wood, metal, leather and fabrics, to stand out.

The recurring feature is the mix between past and future, passing through the present: combining tradition with technologies for an above-average product.

Zanotta employs the hands of the best designers who marry the company philosophy in their designs, offering with the new product a functionality, comfort and high design standards.

Among the objectives that Zanotta sets itself is that of creating long-lasting products that do not require an extraordinary maintenance. This does not mean that at the end of the sale the company fails.

In order to support and promote the credibility and reliability of the Italian industry, since 1992 Zanotta has been a founding member of Altagamma: an association that brings together companies of Italian excellence, whose brands are internationally famous.

All Zanotta's production activities are born in Milan and surroundings.

Zanotta is a 100% Made in Italy production.

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