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GLAMORA Tanganica - Water-resistant wallpaper

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Glamora presents GlamFusion™, the water-resistant wallpaper

With revolutionary technical characteristics and a particular silk-touch texture that make it unique, it is a highly advanced product compared with traditional covering solutions.

Aesthetically it recalls the ancient encaustic effect, a technique used to protect paintings and make colours vivid and velvety.

It is perfect for areas that periodically come into contact with water, like bathrooms, showers and places subject to strong mechanical and/or chemical stress, like wellness and hospitality spaces.

Model: Tanganica
Type of item: Wallpaper
Main materials: Decorated technical fabric
Designer: Glamora
Dimensions: The price shown is referred to one square meter of product
Included in the price, depending on your needs: Adhesive Pro (specific adhesive for dry environments) or GlamFusion® Adhesive Aqua (moisture-curing adhesive for humid environments or in contact with water) with GlamFusion® Sealant (waterproofing sealant)
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Designer Glamora
Disponibilità Available in 4/5 weeks
Diritto di recesso not applicable