OPINION CIATTI - Metal stool for wearing/cleaning shoes - "Shoe stool"

Metal stool, created for wearing, removing and cleaning shoes. Designer Koichi Futatsumata, 2014

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OPINION CIATTI Stool "Shoe stool"

OPINION CIATTI presents an exclusive "Shoe stool" designed by Koichi Futatsumata in 2014. It is innovative, compact, ergonomic but ESPECIALLY USEFUL stool.

Each element has a specific function: the round seat and footrest help us to put in or to take off our shoes comfortably. 

The tray is used to store shoes cleaning accessories such as brushes, cloths, creams or sprays.

The legs of this stool are inclined to give greater stability  to the slender structure. 

"Shoe stool" has an elegant charm that makes it ideal for any area of the house: entrance, bedroom or living room.

This stool is available in different finishes: the eternal black and white colors or the precious leaves that enhance its elegance. 

Please Note: the leaves are applied by hand. Each piece is unique with variantions in finish.

Model:   Shoe stool
Item type:   Stool
Main materials:   Metal
Designer, Year:   Koichi Futatsumata, 2014 
Size in cm:  L.25 - P.40 - H.45
Size in inches:   L.9,5 - P.15,8 - H. 17,7
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Designer Koichi Futatsumata
Disponibilità Available in 4/5 weeks
Diritto di recesso not applicable
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